Ontario Roof Consultants & Associates

Box 269 Station Brooklin Toronto ON L1M 1B5

Your roof is one of the most important elements of your building system. When it fails to perform as designed, costly problems can and will arise. Ontario Roof Consultants & Associates is committed to taking a proactive approach in developing cost effective solutions to prolong the life cycle of your roofing system.

Performing as an unbiased, independent consulting firm for 26 years Ontario Roof Consultants offers dedicated and experienced staff who provide complete roof consulting services encompassing every phase of the roof management process. Our significant knowledge of manufacturers, distributors and contractors within the industry assure prolonged roof serviceability, minimized expenditures and client satisfaction.

Roof System Selection Roof Design Preparation of Specifications & Drawings Forensic Investigation & Surveys Construction & Renovation Management Infrared Thermography Quality Assurance & Quality Control Leak Service & Integrated Activity Reporting Budget Preparation & Projection